Pondy to use Hyperthermia in cancer treatment

Pondicherry, March 7 (UNI) Pondicherry is about to use hyperthermia for providing as an adjunct therapy for all cancers, a statement said here on Monday. As per radiooncologist, Puducherry cancer trust hospital damodharan, patients who failed to improve after giving chemotherapy respond better with hyperthermia. “Improving the quality of life during the end stage for the patients is the best reward any oncologist receives”, he said. The statement further said that chief minister N Rangasamy directed the department to explore all the possible ways and make necessary researches featuring hyperthermia and do necessary clinical trials for benefitting the larger public. He also advised the department for the continuum of care and take necessary measures for the palliation and the rehabilitation of all cancer cases. He feels no patients must be left untreated in the union territory and no patients must be burdened with the catastrophic expenditure.  A Hyperthermia machine at Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital , Puducherry was installed Visioning for a curative, palliative and rehabilitative care for patient at free of cost . The Statement Added. UNI PAB JNA