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The Miracle of 1°C (1.8°F)

The human temperature is the purest form of Energy

If the human temperature is decreased by 1°C,
12% of metabolism and 30% of immunnity are decreased.
Once the body temperature is increased by 1°C,
our immunity is increased by 3~5 times.
Increasing of mere 1°C, illness can prevent most of diseases.
The Miracle of 1°C, REMISSION1°C will always be with you.

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Deep heat melts down fat, discharges body wastes by increasing lymph and blood circulation, stimulates and produces collagen and elastin, and increases expansibility of fibrillary collagen tissues.

When electrical energy is applied, molecules consisting tissues vibrate and cause friction whenever the direction of the electric current alters. In the meantime, bio-heat is generated by movements of rotation, collision, and twist.

Such a high-frequency energy converted into bio-energy increases temperature of the tissues, enhances cell functions, and increases blood flow rate. When the local temperature of tissues increases over 40 degrees, arteries and capillaries are expanded by direct effects, defense mechanism is improved due to increases blood flow rates, and ultimately blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced. Increased blood flow rates in capillaries by the generation of deep heat are 4~5 times higher during a resting phase.