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HealMed Healthcare & Wellness Center

Jayam Nallam Hospital in Villupuram is a leading healthcare facility that specializes in providing comprehensive cancer treatments and cancer surgery services.

The hospital is dedicated to offering the best possible care to patients diagnosed with cancer, with a focus on personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The hospital is staffed by highly experienced and qualified medical professionals who use the latest technologies and techniques to deliver cutting-edge cancer treatments and surgery.

With a patient-centric approach, the hospital aims to improve the quality of life for its patients by providing compassionate care and support throughout their cancer journey. Jayam Nallam Hospital is committed to being a leader in cancer care and surgery, with a focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for its patients.

Adipo LABs recently conducted a series of CME (Continuing Medical Education) events in different locations, including JAYAM NALLAM HOSPITAL – Villupuram. The primary objective of the CME events conducted by Adipo LABs was to equip healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge and insights on various medical topics, with a particular focus on cancer awareness and treatment. The events featured expert speakers who provided valuable information on cancer treatment, including the innovative use of hyperthermia and REMISSION 10C. Through these events, Adipo LABs sought to promote cancer awareness among healthcare professionals and enhance their ability to provide the best possible care to patients diagnosed with cancer.

The events were well-attended by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from various hospitals and clinics in the respective regions. The expert speakers at the events shared their knowledge and insights on the latest developments in their respective fields. The events also included interactive sessions and Q&A sessions, which provided attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts.