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Dr. Ayaz Akber
Oxymed Hospital

This it to bring to the kind notice that Oxymed Hospital has been treating cancer patients with the team of surgical radiation and medical oncologist. Using conventional chemo with adjuvant therapies like HBOT, Vit-C and ozone therapy. To combat full grown tumors we are happy that we have accepted the invitation of Adipo labs Korea and visited their facility and learnt technical know-how to treat the tumors with hyperthermia Remission 1.

Since we were convinced we have imported the equipment and conducted six months trail and the entire team of our oncology department were surprised that the results are extremely good. Our institution is extremely happy as the patients are giving good feedback and getting discharged after completing the treatment with the pain free solution with good quality of life.

Dr. Nagraj G. Huilgol
Chief - Radiation Oncology

Heat as a modality od treatment of cancer has its origin in ancient medical practice. The renaissance of heat as an important adjuvant in oncology emerged in the eighties. India it now poised to launch its ambitious programme to promote hypothermic oncology. At ACRO we have treated more than 2000 patients with hyperthermia since over last two decades.
Our Centre has been a pioneer in the area of hypothermic oncology internationally. This effective therapeutic options needs to be integrated with radiation and chemotherapy to enhance the survival as much as achieve better palliation.

Dr. Sudha Somappa
Consultant Radiation Oncologist MBBS, DMRT,

This is to certify that Remission 1C Radio Frequency Hyperthermia Machine from AdipoLabs Research and Development Medical Company, Seoul, South Korea is used in Oncological Therapy as Redio sensitization, chemo sensitization and along with immunotherapy in various types of tumors using Deep Heat with 0.46MHZ frequency. Several Case Reports have been published in Korean Journal of Thermal Medicine in March 2018. Several Phase III Trials on benefits of Hyperthermia has been published in Red Journal, Green Journal and International Journal of Hyperthermia showing improvement in local Control, Overall Survival, Tumor Response, Cancer Pain Management, with no side effects. It has been Certified and Approved by FDA, CE, CDSCO, ROHS, GMP, KOREA, ISO GLOBAL, and INNOBIZ. Hyperthermia appears to be the Fourth Pillar besides Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

Dr S Suresh
Radiation Oncologist

This is to certify that Adipolabs, Korea (Specialized in developing medical equipment’s) have come with a modern novel medicine – Remission 1C for Hyperthermia treatment. It uses high frequency (0.46MHZ) to generate deep heat in the turmour cells. This induces Immunity Response against cancer cells. There are many clinical trials published in International Oncology Journals and Journal of Hyperthermia showing how combined treatments along with Radiotherapy and chemotherapy have better clinical improvements and tumour response in advanced stages of cancer and also in cancer pain management.

Remission 1C machine is very simple and easy to learn and operate by any clinical staffs. Its it easily portable, have various size multiple applicators, with temperature check functions, optional time selection systems, patient emergency button, comes with all safety features.

It’s been certified and approved bt FDA, CE, CDSCO, ROHS, GMP, KOREA, ISO GLOBAL, INNOBIZ.

Dr. Hong-Seok Jang
Radiation Oncologist in Seoul, South Korea

 AdipoLABs’ REMISSION 1℃ equipment generates deep heat by energizing high frequency of 0.46MHz deep inside our core. Deep heat was difficult to be formed with any previous hyperthermia equipment. But, the animal experiment at Korea University proved that REMISSION 1℃ has been successful in creating deep heat. Deep heat is important because when your body temperature rises by 1 degree, your immune system becomes more vitalized by three to five times. Also, when this high heat is transmitted directly to cancer cells, the cancer cells cause necrosis and they eventually die. Therefore, REMISSION 1℃ can directly kill cancer cells and increase immunity to cancer patients, thereby increasing the activity of NK cells and obtaining the effect of immunotherapy. REMISSION 1℃ has intensively treated stage 4 cancer patients in South Korea, and recently, patient with a tough clear cell carcinoma has improved tremendously after being treated with REMISSION 1℃. Doctors at the Catholic Hospital are vastly encouraged by the fact that the level of immunity among patients who have used REMISSION 1℃ has improved surprisingly in a short period of time and their pain has been greatly alleviated. Therefore, our doctors are confident that if this advanced equipment could be used in hand with the government of India, it would produce an extremely beneficial result for the patients suffering from incurable diseases in India.