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Miracle of 1˚C

Miracle of 1˚C

Do you know the health care secret in the body temperature of 36.5˚C?

The low body temperature may do harm to health as a research that metabolism
and immunity decreases by 30% when the body temperature is dropped by 1˚C.

15% increase of basic metabolism

Energy metabolism and enzymes are influenced, even though the normal body temperature is increased or decreased by 0.5 to 1℃. Basic metabolic rate increases by 15%, when the organ temperature increases by 1℃.

Control of body fat

The low body temperature causes poor metabolism and basic metabolic rate, so low-calorie food is also stored as fat.

Healthy circulation

Low temperature stop the flow of blood and transportation of oxygen, nutrient and immunity substances supplied through the blood, so our body loses the balance and has potential health treat.

Necrosis of cancer cells

Cancel cells proliferate rapidly inside the body and necrotize by 42℃ heat. Using these characteristics, it is able to necrotize cancel cells with heat of 42℃. Thus, thermotherapy is used to treat cancer.

Mutual relation between the temperature and heath

When the body temperature drops in 35.5℃, the function of excretory systems is weaken and it causes allergy reaction and autonomic dysfunction.

Moreover, 35℃ is the most suitable temperature to proliferate cancer cells.

How about higher body temperature than 36.5℃? The high body temperature also weakens organic functions just the same in the low temperature.

For health, it is recommended to check own body condition and change eating habits and lifestyle to maintain the body temperature of 36.5℃.

Immunity means the capability of the body to resist harmful microorganisms or viruses from entering it.

Leukocytes and lymphocytes are in charge of immunity in blood.

There are 4,000 to 8,000 leukocytes per 1ml blood. Leukocyte count decreases from the thirties and fall sharply in the forties.

Therefore, cancer rates increase from the fifties. Immune cells are created in bone marrow,

immunity decreases by 30% along with drop in the body temperature by 1℃,

while it increases inside the body 5 to 6 times when the body temperature rises by 1℃.

Most of cancer Patients has low immunity during anticancer treatments. This low immunity stimulates cancer cells and worsens cancer.

The body temperature and immunity

The normal body temperature is 36.5℃. The average temperature is 36.89℃ according to a medical dictionary. 37.2℃ is the most suitable temperature to activate oxygen, so that our body maintains generally the deep body temperature of brain or organs, not physical surface.

Skin’s surface temperature is 34 to 35℃. The temperature is different by body parts. The rectum and hypoglottis temperature is 36.5 to 36.7℃ and armpit is 36.5℃.

Human is a homoiothermic animal who maintains a certain temperature without reference to the outside temperature. The normal body temperature activates enzymes and immunity inside the body. The higher the basic body temperature, our body has stronger immunity to prevent a disease from viruses. However, there is the research finding that the body temperature has dropped by 1℃ for half a century.  Most modern people have the lower body temperature than 36.5℃ and even 35℃.  High body temperature allows strong immunity and our body strengthen against stress.  Unbalanced autonomic nerves that influence the immune system causes poor blood circulation and hypothermia(the deep body temperature drops below 35℃).

Mutual relationship between cancer and the temperature

  • An Aggravating Cancer Causation
  • Cancer cells protect their self to prevent attack of immune cells by lowering host’s body temperature. (Cancer patients have the lower body temperature than the normal one in common).
  • Limit temperature is 47˚C that normal cells survive.
  • Limit temperature is 42˚C that cancer cells survive.

Cancer cells which have the incomplete vascular structure, radiate heat at very slow time, when heated.

Then they have poor oxygen and nutrient, and become extinct at 42˚C. High temperature of above 42℃ destroys cancer cells. However, it is hard to heat inside the body with above 42℃. Modern medicine use surgery, radiation treatment and anticancer drugs. Radiation treatment and anticancer drugs, however, have side effects that destroy cancer cells as well normal cells.

es necrotize in high temperature?

Tumor tissues consist of more complex trophospongium than normal one. Blood clots in tumor tissues cause poor blood circulation and make it difficult to radiate heat when heated. Tumor tissues has acidity than normal one, thus they are rapidly damaged. Epidermal growth factor and insulin binding decrease and substances such as amino acid and timinin move through the bloodstream at a slow rate.

Advantage of high frequency thermotherapy

High frequency thermotherapy enhances immune function that destroys cancer cells increasing body temperature.
Cancer cells which have a low degree of heat tolerance are destroyed at the certain temperature, while normal cells bear up against the same temperature.
It does production of heat shook protein(HSP) to relieve pain.