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The effectiveness using Hyperthermia Immunotherapy

Hyperthermia Cancer Institute (HCI) USA

The effectiveness using Hyperthermia Immunotherapy together with Chemotherapy & Radiation.

In Hyperthermia, the heat increases blood flow to the tumor which does three things. It brings more chemotherapy inside the tumor, it brings oxygen that helps radiation therapy work better, and it induces your own body’s immune system to attack the cancer. This heating process helps fight tumors in three ways.

First, if you are on chemotherapy or any systemic therapy, hyperthermia increases the blood flow to the tumor which allows better access of that therapy to the tumor, particularly to the central portion of the tumor where the blood vessels are often poorly formed. The increased blood flow delivers oxygen to the tumor, and if you are receiving radiation, the radiation works much better in a well-oxygenated environment.

Second, many traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy agents and radiation therapy damage the DNA of the tumor. This targets that tumor cell for destruction. Hyperthermia has the effect of slowing the enzymes that repair the DNA that is damaged by the chemotherapy or radiation therapy. “This is really critical. We don’t want that DNA repaired, we want it to stay damaged because that targets the cells that have the damaged DNA for destruction and removal. So that is actually how many types of chemotherapy and radiation therapy work,”

Third, Hyperthermia stimulates an immune response. “The great thing about our technology is there are no known adverse effects on normal tissue. When we heat to 42°C, we stimulate the release of what are called heat shock proteins. The same proteins that get released when you have a fever and their job is to alert the immune system to get rid of anything that is foreign,” In addition to releasing the heat shock proteins that stimulate the cells of the immune system, the therapy also directly disrupts the cells of the tumor. “We release all the mutated proteins that are inside of that tumor, and those to our body look like foreign invaders. So when you combine the stimulated immune cells with the specific parts of the tumor that look foreign, you get an immune reaction to that tumor,” Improved results with heat added radiation therapy. Studies demonstrate that in various tumor types that when hyperthermia is provided along with radiation therapy, there is a better response rate of the radiation. “The tumor shrinks more than if you provide radiation alone, and in some cases, you can actually improve survival in patients who receive hyperthermia plus radiation, compared to radiation alone,”

Published by Hyperthermia Cancer Institute (HCI) USA

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Case Reaearcher: Professor Dr. Ihl-Bohng Choi


  • 1984 Catholic University Doctor of Medicine, Graduate School
  • 1984 Department of Radiation Oncology, St. Mary’s Hospital
  • 1990 Exchange Professor, University of Minnesota (USA)
  • 2009 director of Catholic University College of Medicine metastatic Cancer Hospital
  • 2012 director of jeju WE Hospital jeju Island Korea
  • Member of the Japan European society thermal medicine
  • member of the American Society of therapeutic radiology
  • International atomic energy agency Korea thermotherapy researcher
  • President of the 7th Asian Society of hyperthermic ontology
  • President of 8th International ultrasound highly intensive cancer
  • Director Department of Radiation Oncology, Jeju Halla Hospital
  • Honorary director of bio-med nursing Hospital
  • President of Korean Society for Thermal Medicine

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