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High Frequency

Principle of High Frequency

HFC (High Frequency Current) Electricity • Physicals Theory

Division of frequency

  • Low frequency : 1Hz~1,000Hz
  • Intermediate Frequency : 1,000Hz~100,000Hz
  • High Frequency : 100,000Hz (0.1MHz)
  • Thermotherapy Device (EDH System) : 0.45MHz~0.6MHz
    (*EDH = Endogenous Dermal Heating)
  • Adipo-tolysis : 0.5MHz V-RF

Heating effect of V-HFC diathermic treatment

Targeted tissue temperature : above 41.5℃

Biophysical of High Frequency

Convective Heat

When apply electric or electronic energy to physical tissues, molecules consist of physical tissues ingeminate its vibration and friction, and then switch electric or electronic energy to thermal energy.

Volume Heating

It is called as volume heating, because therapeutic apparatus of high frequency thermotherapy transfers energy into certain parts of physical tissues.

Molecule Motion

When high-frequency current flows into the body, physical tissues generate heat due to molecule motion.

Convertive Heat

Ion Molecule

There are a lot of ions such as Na+, K+, and these ions generates heat colliding with other molecules while they are moving around, because physical ions move to both ways through current of very short high frequency.

Polarization Molecule

Physical tissue mostly consists of water. Although polarization molecule such as water is neutron, both ends have each positive and negative charge. Molecule that has positive and negative charges is a dipole. Positive and negative charges move to each opposite charge when apply electricity to these molecules, and changing direction of current rotates both charges. Polarization molecules generate heat colliding with surrounding molecules, while those are rotating. Molecular vibration is typically generated in physical tissue that contains much water.

Non-polarization Molecule

An electromagnetic field that is orbiting is twisted, when atom or molecule that has no any charge such as fatis influenced by vibrating electromagnetic field. Electron cloud is moved, because each positive and negative charge has stronger charge according to change of electromagnetic field direction as well positive charge pulls and negative one pushes electrons. Although atom and molecule do not generate directly heat, they interact with surrounding molecules, so that generates heat moving around. A displacement current flows through non-polarization molecular tissue that contains little water such as bones or fat, generates little heat.